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    FC Lake County 2014-2015 Tryout Information

    Grayslake Galaxy & Warren United
    Soccer Club's Press Release

    Since our club was formed in 2000 Grayslake Galaxy SC has strived to provide a positive sporting experience for players of all ages within the local community.  From our beginnings as a small club with only a handful of teams we have grown to become an organization which has over 200 players involved in our competitive, community and clinics programs.


    As most of you will know it has always been an aim of the club to continue this growth and field at least one team for boys and girls at every age group from U8 – U19. This goal has become more challenging in recent years with competing sports and multiple soccer clubs in the local area. Tryouts each year are becoming more difficult with players leaving the club for a higher level of play or because we cannot form full rosters.


    While the GGSC board and staff believe we currently offer as good a program as any of the clubs in the local area we also believe it is our responsibility to continue to explore ways to provide a suitable environment for development for each and every player. As clubs across the state form partnerships and increase the level of competition it is important that we too consider these options and the opportunities this may present for our players.


    With this in mind we are excited to announce that we will be merging with Warren United Soccer Club beginning with the 2014 – 2015 season. This decision has been reached after an extensive review which has involved GGSC & WUSC boards, staff, parents and players. By combining our clubs, we will be able to offer more appropriate levels of development for players of all ages and ability. This should always be a goal for any youth sport organization.


    An information meeting will be held on Thursday 20th February 2014 from 7.30pm – 9pm at State Bank of the Lakes where Grayslake Galaxy board members and staff will be available to discuss the future plans for the new organization and answer any questions that parents may have. Please see below for some FAQ’s that may provide some further rationale and details in the meantime.


    Best Wishes
    Grayslake Galaxy Soccer Club Board


    Where will the new organization be located?

    The new organization will utilize facilities in both the Grayslake and Gurnee communities. Alleghany Park, Central Park, Aquatic Park, Doolittle Park, Warren High School, Viking Park, Woodland School and others will be used for practices and games.


    Will new teams be formed after tryouts or will any age groups stay together?

    Players for both clubs will be evaluated throughout the Spring season by their respective club coaches. These evaluations will be used alongside their performance at tryouts which will take place towards the end of the Spring season. Players will be placed on teams with others of a similar ability level and entered into a YSSL/IWSL division where they can develop and be competitive.


    How many teams will there be at each age level?

    Our aim is to provide the opportunity for as many players as possible from Lake County and the surrounding areas to be part of the club and experience the benefits of travel soccer. Our hope is there will be multiple teams at each age group.


    Who will coach my child?

    Liam Lacy (GGSC DoC) and Jamie Martin (Warren DoC) will lead the new organization in the role of Technical Directors. Staff coaches from both existing clubs will be working within the new organization. We will also continue to search for, and employ, the best locally licensed professional coaches. This will allow us to provide better continuity of coaching and fully implement our long term development plan. Parent volunteers will continue to perform the role of Team Manager but will not be involved in the coaching of the teams.


    What will be the club fees for 2014-2015?

    The club fees for each age group will be as follows:


    U8 – U9 - $950 - $1050

    U10 – U14 – $1350 - $1450

    (Includes 2 x weekly Fall/Spring practice, league entry, 1 tournament per season, indoor practice and indoor league play)

    High School – $950 - $1050

    (Includes 2 x weekly Fall or Spring practice, league entry, 1 tournament, indoor practice and indoor league play)


    Club fees are structured differently from our current GGSC fees. The new fees include indoor leagues and additional indoor practice time. Indoor leagues are now included because our current model has made it increasingly difficult to compete during the indoor season as we have had to form rosters with players of different age groups and ability levels.

    Parents' Meeting FAQ

    Why are the indoor fees included and no longer optional?
    When players do not participate in the indoor season, the small teams make it difficult to hold practices due to the small turnout. The time commitment is also minimal. Galaxy has found it difficult to be competitive with the small roster sizes when only a limited number of player enroll for indoor games. League play with a full roster will be beneficial to player and team development. Finally, the coaches feel the break in training is too long for those players who do not participate.

    The Galaxy has always had a community feel; the club will lose this after the merger.
    The Board believes the coaches will still focus on developing deep relationships with the players. In addition, the merged club (FC Lake County) will be able to use technological resources to allow the coaches to develop a one on one understanding of the player’s needs.

    How will my player be evaluated for tryouts under the new club program?
    Current Galaxy players will evaluated during the season as they are today. Tryouts will be held in late May with players from both Galaxy and Warren United.

    Will Galaxy look to merge with another club?
    No, Warren United meets several needs for the merger to be successful and shares Galaxy’s philosophy. In addition, the Board feels FC Lake County will attract players from clubs other than just Galaxy and Warren United.

    How will the practices be structured if my player’s team has Gurnee and Grayslake players on it?
    There would be practice held in each community. At the younger levels the teams will primarily be focused on player location to keep the driving to a minimum.

    I’m concerned about the coach and the practice times. Will we be informed of these when the offer is extended to join a team?
    The goal is to have the trainer and practice assignments communicated when the offer is extended, but these will be tentative. Final assignments will be made in July when the teams are finalized.

    Will the merged club change indoor facilities?
    Yes. The merged board is investigating facilities with turf fields and larger facilities.

    Was another club approached about a merger?

    The Warren U8 and Pre Travel are very large. How will there be room for younger Galaxy players?
    While Warren has more players at younger levels, no teams have been decided for the fall.  All players will have an equal opportunity.

    The two clubs are relatively distinct. How will they be integrated?
    The boards of both clubs are planning parent meetings and other events to introduce both sets of parents.

    Will there be new uniforms?

    Has a logo been selected?
    The new board is reviewing several suggestions.

    Will the rosters be larger?
    Not necessarily. We will avoid forming teams with minimum rosters and our club model calls for 4 or more players than are on the field. For example, at U9 there are seven on the field so the ideal minimum roster would be 11. Also note the goal is to have multiple teams at each age level, providing we have enough players who will develop at the team's respective travel level.

    How will the teams be seeded?
    Once the combined teams are formed they will be seeded at the higher and lower level. The process is the same as it is for those Galaxy age groups where there are two teams.

    Spring 2014

    Below are some important dates for the Spring 2014 season.  Please check back periodically for updated information.

    Spring 2014

    Spring Training begins week of March 31, 2014

    YSSL (Boys League) season begins April 122014

    IWSL (Girls League) season begins April 13, 2014

    Spring Tournaments TBD

    2014-2015 Club Tryouts TBD

    End of Season Celebration TBD

    YSSL (Boys League) season ends June 8, 2014

    IWSL (Girls League) season ends June 15, 2014

    Board Meetings are typically held the 3rd Tuesday of each month unless noted otherwise above.  We hope to see everyone at the board meetings!


    If you have any photos that you would like to submit to be published on our website, please send an e-mail to the contact below and attach photos.

    Thank you.

    GGSC Photos


    Inclement Weather Messages
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    Week 9 Games
    U9 Boys Green [07-Jun-2014]
    Grayslake Galaxy 4
    McHenry Vipers 4
    U9 Boys Green [08-Jun-2014]
    Grayslake Galaxy 5
    Warren United Blazers Blue 5
    U10 Boys Green [07-Jun-2014]
    Chicago Fire Jrs. North Red 5
    Grayslake Galaxy 6
    U10 Boys White [08-Jun-2014]
    LFSA Premier 10
    Grayslake Galaxy 2
    U10 Girls Green [07-Jun-2014]
    Mundelein Magic 0
    Grayslake Galaxy 1
    U10 Girls Green [08-Jun-2014]
    Grayslake Galaxy 2
    LASC Strikers White 3
    U11 Boys Green [07-Jun-2014]
    Grayslake Galaxy 8
    Trebol 3
    U11 Boys Green [08-Jun-2014]
    Crossfire 7
    Grayslake Galaxy 3
    U12 Boys Green [08-Jun-2014]
    Wisla 2
    Grayslake Galaxy 2
    U12 Boys White [07-Jun-2014]
    Grayslake Galaxy 1
    Ela White 5
    U12 Girls Green [07-Jun-2014]
    Vernon Hills Cougars Red 0
    Grayslake Galaxy 0
    U12 Girls Green [08-Jun-2014]
    Grayslake Galaxy 5
    Chicago Kickers Red 2
    U13 Girls Green [07-Jun-2014]
    Grayslake Galaxy 4
    FC-1 Academy Premier 1
    U13 Girls Green [08-Jun-2014]
    LFSA Scouts Select 1
    Grayslake Galaxy 4
    U14 Boys Green [07-Jun-2014]
    Eclipse Select 3
    Grayslake Galaxy 1
    U14 Boys Green [08-Jun-2014]
    Grayslake Galaxy 2
    Eclipse Select 2
    U14 Girls Green [07-Jun-2014]
    Grayslake Galaxy 5
    Chicago Magic PSG City 3
    U14 Girls Green [08-Jun-2014]
    Jahbat FC (forfeit) -2
    Grayslake Galaxy 1
    U16 Boys Green [08-Jun-2014]
    Arsenal Heat United Select 1
    Grayslake Galaxy 8

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